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First Time Buyer Consultancy

Buying your first property in Spain can be a daunting experience, but it needn’t be.

Step 1 -  Decide the type of property you want  - from an easy to manage, lock and leave apartment with a shared pool in a community building to a traditional finca with private grounds.

Step 2 - Determine your budget. Do you need a mortgage? Are you planning to rent to offset your running costs?

Step 3 - Identify your location.

Step 4 - Gain a basic understanding of the buying process, taxes relating to purchase and the ongoing taxes relating to owning a property in Mallorca.

Step 5 - Everything else - Bank Account, NIE number, rental licences, company ownership, wealth tax, inheritance tax.

You can complete Steps 1-3 by yourself.

The internet has plenty of information relating to Steps 4-5  so you can understand the basics. However, we recommend you also seek independent and objective advice for Steps 4-5 once you have identified a property you would like to purchase.

For the past 10 years we have worked with Alcudia Asessores based in Alcudia, a long established and well respected accountancy firm who will give you guidance on the best route and options for Steps 4 and 5.

If you would like help buying a property, want to know the pros and cons of a particular property or require further information about the best areas, the holiday renting market, the service - whatever your question simply call us on 677 773 077. Alternatively you can make an appointment to meet one of our team members at our offices in Mal Pas, Alcudia. We’ll do our best to answer all your questions over a coffee in Sin Embargo, our in-house coffee shop!

Property Surveys and Plans Check

Whether you are buying a new apartment or a traditional, old finca, a survey is recommended. There are various types of survey, from a basic Condition Report to a full blown Structural and Technical Survey. You don’t want to discover expensive problems once you have moved in.

We work with a qualified Aparajador (Technical Architect), based in Alcudia, who can organise this for you.

It is equally important to check the plans of the property in the Town Hall to ensure they are the same as the property you are buying. Many properties in Mallorca have extensions or changes that are not approved and therefore illegal. Sometimes the entire property may have been built illegally. Usually, you will not be forced to demolish any illegal additions, but you will not necessarily be allowed to repair them if they differ from the original plans.

It is not expensive to do this, you can buy plans for under 50€ and they offer huge peace of mind once checked.

Call  677 773 077 to discuss further.

Legal, Admin and Contracts

We use an independent “buyers” lawyer to help with all aspects of the purchase process - from the option to purchase contract to signing at the Notary. You deal directly with your lawyer, so the service is objective and personal to you.

The conveyancing process is charged on a fixed fee basis which is confirmed once your offer is accepted.

Call  677 773 077 to discuss further.